Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thomas L. Friedman

Tom Friedman
I am beginning this blog by acknowledging I am a Tom Friedman Groupie.  I have a dog-eared copy of his 'The World is Flat' in my office. He raises my consciousness about world and national events each time he puts pen to paper.  However, today more so then ever.  In today's NYT's editorial Mr. Friedman hit a nerve.  Here is my blog and my take on Mr. Friedman's words.

First of all, welcome to the Internet convention called Americans Elect.  Mr. Friedman describes it as "an impressive group of frustrated Democrats, Republicans and Independents".  Thank God someone or group decided to think outside the box and take the lead on legitimately reorganizing our political system.  It certainly hasn't been working very well lately.

The Americans Elect group hopes to promulgate a system, via the Internet, which will nominate a group of legitimate presidential candidates. In April 2012 that pool of candidates will be reduced to six by three sets of votes. Once the candidates are nominated he/she must choose a running mate NOT from his/her party.  Brilliant!  By June 2012 one among the six candidates will be chosen,via the online convention, to run as the Americans Elect candidate.

Mr. Friedman encourages us to watch this group.  According to Friedman, they may do to the electoral process what " did to books, iPod did to music, did to pharmacies...".  He says they may be the ones who "remove the barriers to real competition, flatten the incumbents and let the people in". I for one intend to log on, sign up and get "IN".  I challenge you to do the same!

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