Monday, May 16, 2011

Kara DioGuardi's "Helluva of a High Note"

I just finished reading an excerpt from Kara DioGuardi’s  interview for her new book, "Helluva of a High Note".

In the interview she discusses her battles with an eating disorder, multiple date rape violations and being a judge on American Idol.  She is candid and honest about missing the signs involving the date rapes until it was too late.

At the end of the piece she said something I found truly remarkable.  She "thank[ed] God for all the bad relationships in my life because besides [providing] material for some of my hit songs they were training for how to respond when the right person did come along.  And in a world that can often be grueling, having a partner who isn't is a lifesaver."

Talk about finding a silver lining!  It is difficult, while we navigate our solo path back into the law, to see each setback as a life experience worthy of remembering and valuing for how it moves us forward.  At the time it is not such a great experience or opportunity to feel rejected or incompetent.  We can sit and worry about what tomorrow will bring or, like Kara, use it a material for some of our own future hit making choices.

Life is grueling.  If you make it more so on yourself you will be defeated before you start.  Look at all you have done, even if it is minuscule.  You accomplished something and moved forward.  Keep positive thoughts surrounding you as well as positive people.  They will be your lifesavers on your journey back into the law.

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