Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Were you born on a sunny day?

I just finished reading an interview with Katie Couric conducted by People Magazine.  I admit it, I am addicted to People as a way to see how 'other people live'.  Famous or infamous.  it always strikes me when these other people have the same fears and foibles do.  One of Katie's final statement in her upbeat interview was, "Sometimes I get grouchy and irritable and I think, 'Wow, this is how really angry people must feel all the time.'"  then she is pure Katie and finish the statement, "Like Jay used to say, 'I was born on a sunny day'

I find it so refreshing to realize, after all she has survived, she looks at the glass as half full.  As I re-zoom my place in the legal world I realize I must have been born on a sunny day too.  It is all in how you look at what occurs in your life.  As the old saying goes "when life sends you lemons make lemonade.".

If you are like me, and now like Katie, and re zooming your former career be it legal or otherwise  or creating a whole new future for yourself......be born on a sunny day.  It will enable you to look at things from a fresh and positive position. peeing the world as open to every possibility instead of limited by circumstances gives you the power to really think outside the box and say 'what if'?

Look at every curve ball in your journey  as a learning process.  You cannot learn to hit curve balls unless they are thrown at you.  The smooth, more traveled road is boring, as you drive cross-country or across life.  The rugged back roads and coastal highways give the most breathtaking views and the most daring challenges!

I challenge all of you to truly believe you were born on a sunny day.  The glass is half full if you choose to look at it this way.  Being angry is a choice only you can make.  It is ok to make that choice.  However, try to do it as infrequently as you can since sunny days are so good for the soul.  it is sunny where I am, how about where you are?

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