Friday, May 6, 2011

Where have you been? What have you done? Why did you do that?

These three questions are ones people on the move ask themselves each and every day.  If they don't, they should. It keeps you centered and on right path.

Where have you been?  Ask yourself if the things you have sought to attend and the people you are meeting will continue your growth and will you continue their growth.  If the answer is yes you have successfully navigated a path toward your future success. 

If your answer is no, ask yourself why you chose the things you did and be honest.  We sometimes do things and go places to avoid doing more important things and experiencing difficult but furthering opportunities.  Simply, we all are guilty of skipping out on life's challenges.  Make mine vanilla please!  Answer this question honestly and your new found resolve will help you gather the strength to go boldly where you avoided going before.

What have you done?
Are you thinking about your top 5 priorities?  Are you number 1? Doing things for yourself will open a plethora of opportunities for others as well.  Yet we're all guilty of getting lost in 'the doing for others' bit and lose the 'doing' that feeds our soul.  As re-zoomers we need to make it our mission to help others as we help ourselves.  For most of us this may come easily. We have been doing it all for years while we were away from the practice of law.  Now we need to do things for others that call attention to our uniqueness.  We are a force to be reckoned with.  While we are at it we will be a force for everyone we meet along the way as well.

Why did you do that?
This question you should ask and answer each and every day.  It is the hardest question for a re-zoomer to ask and answer honestly.  Be truthful, recognize when you fall off the wagon.  Own the good choices as well as the bad. Revel in the unexpectedly fabulous choices. 

I remember one in particular.  I chose to go to a free discussion on Solo Practice and ended up a guest blogger on the Solo Practice University website.  Didn't see that one coming when I chose to go.  I went because I needed more information to successfully continue down this path of entrepreneurship.  I knew I didn't know it all. 

The Why was to learn more about my chosen practice type; the What was to speak up and the Where was helping my practice grow while helping other similar Re-zoomers to gain courage and speak up.  You can never tell where your next great idea or big break will materialize.

Be bold. Be savvy. Most of all, be honest to yourself and others.

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  1. Putting yourself first is a hard step to take. We are trained to be care takers and problem fixers early on.

    Take care of yourself first, so you can take care of others.


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